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Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari – 12 days

Those who want to conquer Kilimanjaro and see the majestic sights of Africa from the ground and the sky will love the Kilimanjaro climb and safari. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart but can be one of the most rewarding journeys you will take. Stand on top of the world and discover the endless landscapes that encase Kilimanjaro. From glacial rock to alpine deserts, thick tangled forests and the golden stretch of the Serengeti this is a trip you will never forget.

Day 1 – Arrival

Upon arrival you will be met by a representative who will escort you to the Mount Meru Game Lodge. Here you can rest and recover and admire the magnificent shadows of the mountains that loom in the distance. You can visit the attached game sanctuary and find out all the details of your trip with a safari briefing before a delicious dinner to welcome you.


Kilimanjaro elephantDay 2 – Kilimanjaro – Arusha – Machame Gate – Machame Camp

Your journey to the top of the world starts after a hearty breakfast as you begin by entering the Machame Gate. The climb begins with a trek through the lush green forest where exotic birds sing in the thick canopies above. Walkers will have the chance to see monkeys skipping through the twisted branches and feel the humidity of the forest. After coming through the thick forests you will cross the soft heath lands before reaching the Machame Camp for the night, at an altitude of 9,875 feet, with views across the green forests. The walk will take around 5-7 hours.



kilimanjaro tentsDay 3 – Kilimanjaro – Machame Camp to Shira Camp

The days trek will take you through the lands of soft heather and into the alpine moors. The colours start to change and you will be treated to your first glimpse of the daunting Kilimanjaro peak rising like a diamond. The track becomes steep and you will climb over giant lobelias and breathe in the sweet scent of wild alpine flowers. After 4-5 hours of walking you can rest and regain your strength at the Shira Camp.




mount kilimanjaro viewDay 4 – Mt Kilimanjaro – Shira Camp to Barranco Camp

Today’s trail takes you out of the haunting alpine desert and the path gets steep as you approach the lava tower. The temperature will start to drop and you can pass through the tall volcanic plug into the magnificent Barranco Valley. The road becomes craggy and hanging glaciers sweat in the African sun making you feel like you have entered another world. After 5-6 hours of walking you will arrive at the Barranco Camp for the night.



Day 5 – Mt Kilimanjaro – Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp

You will start the day by ascending into the barafu hutgorge and clambering over the eastern wall. You will be greeted with the sight of the sparkling ice fields that stretch out and shimmer in the distance. The surrounding landscape will grow sparser as you trek through the lava ridge and the barren wasteland will hold few flowers and wildlife. After a steady walk you will stop at the flat ridge of Barafu Camp where you can relax and prepare for your attempted summit climb at midnight.




mweka campDay 6 – Kilimanjaro – Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Camp

As midnight strikes you will start the challenging summit climb to the peak of the world. The walk is not for the faint hearted as it will take 12-17 hours and the temperatures drop to below freezing. You will pass through the Rebmann and Tarzel glaciers to the rim at Stella Point where the white ice and snow seems to dress the world. As the sunrise starts to cast her glance over the mountain you will summit the Uhuru Peak, at a staggering height of 19,340 feet. From here the whole of Africa will stretch out beneath your feet and you will greet the dawn from on top of the world as a gold star reward for an epic adventure. Those who have made it to their final destination will then descend back to Barafu Camp for a short rest before taking the journey back down the mountain to Mweka Camp.


Day 7 – Kilimanjaro – Mweka Camp to Park Gate – Arusha

The final descent will take you back to the park gate and will be a leisurely stroll of around 2-3 hours. One last look at the mountain you have conquered and fond farewells to those porters and guides who led you there and it will be time to head to Arusha. This night you will return to the Mount Meru Game Lodge for a celebratory dinner and overnight stay.


lake manyara lionDay 8 – Lake Manyara

After a delicious breakfast it is time to embark on your safari adventure, starting at the shores of Lake Manyara in the Great Rift Valley. Here ancient woodlands stand tall, bright birds flutter in the Acacias and the famed Manyara tree climbing lions can be spotted lazing in the branches. You can catch sight of buffalo grazing, giraffes stretching their necks for an extra bite and impala racing through the plains. After a day of excitement you can rest and rejuvenate at the Kirurumu Tented Lodge or Rift Valley Lodge.



serengeti lionDay 9 – Lake Manyara – Serengeti

After a fresh breakfast you will start your journey to the magnificent Serengeti National Park. The drive will allow you the chance to gaze out at the many sights of Tanzania and you can enjoy a picnic lunch on the golden rocky outcrops with fabulous views across the Serengeti plains. Entering the dusty roads of the National Park this is your first chance to spot the fabled Big Five of Africa. You can see big cats stalking through the swaying grasslands and wildebeest pounding across the floor. This night you will stay at the Mapito Tented Camp in Ikoma.



Day 10 – Serengeti

serengeti elephantsThe Serengeti is nature’s greatest show; you can watch animals take their first steps and their last breaths under the same stretch of blue sky. Throughout the day you can see baboons, wildebeest herds, big cats, elephants, giraffes and rhinos along with so much more. In the evening you can return to the Mapito Tented Camp for dinner and the chance to watch the stars come out.




Day 11 – Ngorongoro

ngorongoro flamingoThe Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most famous national parks in the whole of Tanzania and is truly a marvel and a miracle of Mother Nature. The naturally formed crater with its rising walls and sheer cliffs is the home of many big game animals and on your drive through the rich emerald trees you can spot lions lazing in the tall grass, elephants with their young, pink tipped flamingos catching fish and rhinos charging from the shadows. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade and let your guide take you off the beaten track to discover the wealth of wildlife Tanzania has to offer. After a big day of game spotting you can enjoy rest and rejuvenation at the stunning Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge or Ngorongoro Farmhouse with magnificent views and a delicious dinner included.


Day 12 – Ngorongoro – Arusha/Kilimanjaro – Departure

After breakfast you will return to Arusha and then on to Kilimanjaro for your departure. Those with a later flight can rest and relax and enjoy the amenities of the day room before they start their journey home.


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