A Safari In The Wild Serengeti National Park

Incredible Adventures Around Serengeti Safari

Serengeti National Park, a wide, open beautiful area In Tanzania is a home to the exotic, picturesque views of mountains and plains, stunning village scenes, bustling markets, spectacular sights of rare bird and wild animal species. A Serengeti Safari offers once-in-a-lifetime adventures; that makes awe-inspiring, memory-making experiences for sure! With the approximate area of 14, 750sq km, Serengeti National Park is famous for its unique settings of ‘Wildebeest Migration’ and excellent wildlife concentration. Enable a cultural interaction with the local tribes to understand the authentic lifestyles of the inhabitants.

Custom Made Safari Packages To Experience Serengeti

Tanzania Adventure offers amazing Serengeti safari packages to explore the new world of extremes, natural beauty and the authentic bliss of East Africa. Our exquisite safari gives a unique blend of all the most popular, scenic sights and sounds of the African continent in order to get a perfect taste of the wild world. From the glimpse of majestic wildebeest migration to heading towards the footsteps of the wild species in the Serengeti National Park, you can no doubt get once in a lifetime experience that will linger in your memory. Our adventure-packed Serengeti safari packages allow you to witness a huge variety of bird species, including pink flamingo flocks along the shores, hear the roars of nocturnal animals and much more.

Highlights Of Serengeti Safari

  • Tailor Made Wildlife Safaris and Thrilling Game Drives
  • Knowledgeable Serengeti Safari Specialists
  • Comfortable Accommodation and Fooding Facilities In Tented Camps
  • Picture Perfect 4WD Vehicles with Elegant Sundowners

Visit Tanzania Safari with Tanzania Adventure and feel the uniqueness of this East African continent in an authentic approach! For more assistance regarding our safari tours, feel free to contact us today!