Tanzania Adventure

Tanzania Safari – 4 days

Discover a world of extremes, natural beauty and bliss with the Tanzania 4 day safari. This is the perfect way to blend all the famous sights and sounds of Africa and to get a taste of the wild world in a few special days. From the chance to catch a glimpse of the Great Migration to treading in the footsteps of the first man at the Ngorongoro crater; this is a trip of a lifetime and one that will linger in your memory. The Tanzania safari allows you to watch pink flamingos flood the shores, hear the nocturnal roar of a lion as it tracks its prey and can take you deep into the golden plains of the Serengeti. This is the Africa you always imagined, this is Tanzania…

Ngoronogoro CraterDay 1 – Arusha – Ngorongoro

Your introduction to the deep heart of Tanzania all starts with a trip from the stunning jewel of Arusha to the verdant green landscape of Ngorongoro. The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most famous national parks in the whole of Tanzania and is truly a marvel and a miracle of Mother Nature. The naturally formed crater with its rising walls and sheer cliffs is the home of many big game animals and on your drive through the rich emerald trees you can spot lions lazing in the tall grass, elephants with their young, pink tipped flamingos catching fish and rhinos charging from the shadows. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade and let your guide take you off the beaten track to discover the wealth of wildlife Tanzania has to offer. After a big day of game spotting you can enjoy rest and rejuvenation at the stunning Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge or Ngorongoro Farmhouse with magnificent views and a delicious dinner included.

SerengetiDay 2 – Ngorongoro – Serengeti

After a blissful breakfast the adventure continues with a journey to the most famous landmark in the whole of Africa – the majestic golden land of the Serengeti. On the drive you can see the true face of Tanzania with the sun beating down on the rolling gold’s and green and plenty of wildlife spotting along the way. Taste the difference with a fabulous picnic lunch perched on the rocky outcrops of the Serengeti before delving deeper into the park. This night you can enjoy bedding down in true safari style at the Mapito Tented Camp at Ikoma. Hear the midnight cries of the predators hunting their prey beneath the glittering stars and dream a dream of Africa.

Serengeti ZebraDay 3 – Serengeti              

Waking up in the Serengeti is truly a magical experience. Watch the sun flame across the plains and prepare for a day of discovery. Take an early morning game drive and see the big cats stretch in the warm sunlight and hear the wild cries of monkeys and baboons gibbering from the tall trees. Today is a full day game drive across the world famous plains and your chance to catch sight of migrating wildebeest, long necked giraffes, delicate antelopes and wild zebras. After a day of sight and sound and bursting with colour you will return to the simple luxuries of the Mapito Tented Camp.

Day 4 – Serengeti – Arusha

After a luscious breakfast and your last chance to breathe in the evocative scents of the Serengeti it is time to head to the Naabi Hill Gate. Along the way you can see the spread of wildlife and catch sight of the bright plumage of exotic birds, playful monkeys and even jackals slinking through the trees. Your return to the bright lights of Arusha will take up to 6-8 hours and allows you the chance to rest and reflect on the wonderful things you have seen.

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