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Wild and Romantic Trip To Tanzania and Zanzibar

Classic Southern Tanzania and Zanzibar Safari

Pamoja Wildlife Experience offers a well-organized trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar to explore the lush green rainforests, stunning waterfalls, incredible wildlife and mesmeric views of nature. With our Tanzania and Zanzibar safari packages, you can explore the unspoilt national parks and indulge in the splendid settings of endless coastlines.

14 days Southern Tanzania and Zanzibar Safari

Day 1 – Arrival

AAfter the touchdown of your flight at Dar es Salaam International Airport, you will be welcomed by our tour operators; who will ride you to Accomondia Hotel for overnight stays. You will just refresh and relax yourself after a tiring flight journey as our exclusive tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar will be waiting for you.

Day 2 – Dar es Salaam – Selous Game Reserve

After breakfast at the hotel, our tour guide will offer a drive around 6-7 hours to the Selous Game Reserve. On the way to Selous, you will witness spectacular sights of rural villages in Africa. Upon your arrival, you will head over to Selous Great Water Lodge; where you can unwind yourself for a short while before going for a walk along the breathtaking and colorful Rujiji river banks.

Selous Game Reserve - GiraffeDay 3 – Selous Game Reserve

Our incredible tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar offers a chance to explore the natural wonders of the Selous Game reserve, tumbling wilderness of the untouched national parks as well as witness the gushing rivers, soft lagoons, forest ravines, rolling hills and more importantly the wildlife population like galloping antelopes, wandering elephants, flying wild birds and much more.

In the afternoon, you will get to enjoy a picnic lunch on the riverbanks and even explore the long river cruise down at the Rujiji River. This cruise down will be only for a few hours in order to let you watch the yellow eyed crocodiles, bathing hippos, tiger fish and big cats cooling themselves in the shade of the riverbank. When the evening stars will come to the sky, you will return to the Selous Great Water Lodge and can relax before having dinner.

Mikumi National Park - ElephantDay 4 – Selous – Mikumi National Park

In the early morning you will come across the Northern Selous area and start your journey towards Morogoro and Mikumi National Park. With our tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar safari, you will be able to witness the uncovered Africa. After your arrival at Mikumi, you will head over to Mikumi Wildlife Camp; which can allow you to take a short break to rejuvenate yourself. Then, you can go on a game drive to Mikumi National Park to discover the lions in the grasses, eagles swooping overhead and antelope ducking in and out of the forests.

Mikumi National Park - LionsDay 5 – Mikumi National Park

This will be a memorable day if your life; as you will spend quality time from sunrise to sunset right at the heart of Mikumi National Park. On this amazing tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar, you can admire the exotic Doum palms, lavishly scented Tamarind trees and catch the sight of the world’s largest antelope with their twisted horns as well as witness a wide array of slippery friends in the snake park. If you want to trace the lazy hippos and cautious leopards, then you can search them at cool watering holes; as they will stop there for a drink. After the sun will get down, you will be returned to the Mikumi Wildlife Camp.

Udzungwa National Park - Waterfall

Day 6 – Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Upon your early morning wake up, you will start out on a two hour game drive to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. After your arrival at the camp, you will explore the pristine sights behind the misty veil of the rainforest; which are eagerly waiting for you. Apart from this, you will go on the Sanje Hike to walk around the national park and push your way through the bright flowers and butterflies until you will reach the plunge of white water; which usually washes over the tumbles and cliffs 200ft into the water pools. This will be one of the perfect destinations to feel refreshing after hiking and diving a long distance into the fabulously scented fresh waters; which will definitely make you feel alive!

Take enough time to stroll around leisurely and enjoy a morning walk and have your lunch at the crest of the falls. During the afternoon, go for swimming and sunbathing on the rocks. In the evening, enjoy dinner and special overnight stays at the Hondo Hondo Udzungwa Forest Camp.

Udzungwa MountainsDay 7 – Udzungwa Mountains National Park

This is one of the fabulous days; which commences with an early drive along the trails of the hidden waterfalls. Our tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar travel packages involves a challenging a climbing expedition; which will take you to the staggering 100m an the majestic jewel, Njokamoni Waterfall. You will be accompanied by our tour guides as you will find large mammals and strange wildlife upon the path. After exploring the trails and secret paths of this striking National Park for a day long, you will return to the Hondo Hondo Udzungwa Forest Camp to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Zanzibar - SunsetDay 8 – Udzungwa – Dar es Salaam – Zanzibar

After having your breakfast in the early morning, you will drive back to Dar es Salaam before heading over to the blue and white shores of Zanzibar. Upon your arrival at Zanzibar airport, you will be visited to the extremely exotic as well as luxurious beach resort to begin your beach holiday at the sea beach.

Zanzibar - BeachesDay 9-12 – Zanzibar

For a few days, you will enjoy the extraordinary delights of Zanzibar beach life. You can enjoy soaking up the sun and bathing every day in the gin colored waters. Apart from all this, you can get to enjoy all the luxuries and modern amenities of the hotel along with delicious dinners and cocktails to raise a toast during the sparkling sunset.

Zanzibar - Stone TownDay 13 – Spice Tour & Stone Town

On our tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar, you will visit the stunning Stone Town and the fabulous Spice Tour without any hustle and bustle of the busy schedule. During your spice tour, you will breathe the rich fragrance of cinnamon, broken vanilla pods and much more. Our tour guides will take you to the dazzling harvesting fields of spices. You can able to ignite your senses with the scents and sights of the biggest export industry in Zanzibar. After the fascinating spice tour in Zanzibar, you will have your lunch while seeing the magic and the mystery of Stone Town. Indulge yourself in the endless alleyways and immerse your senses in the local markets as well as taste the mouth watering delights from around the world. You can also explore the Palace Museum, the House of Wonders and the Arab Fort. However, you can spend the relaxing evening in your hotel or exploring the night market and the exceptional sights and sounds of Zanzibar.

Day 14 – Departure

Well, this is the last morning of your tour in Tanzania and Zanzibar. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast before preparing to return back home.

Come and enjoy a trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar with Pamja Wildlife Experience!

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